About Us

About In The Hands Of Venus

In the hands of venus is a Qatari initiative which focuses on women empowerment and leadership. In the Hands of Venus is an educational platform which is targeted at women and aims to create awareness and educate women on issues related to them. This is done through knowledge sharing and the creation of a women only safe space that allows them to share experiences and speak out about their issues.

Who We Are & What We Offer

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  • Workshops
  • Safe Spaces which allow for discussion between women
  • Networking events

Mission Statement

In the Hands of Venus is a platform which focuses on empowering Arab women and creating a safe space for them to discuss issues and share knowledge.

Who We Are & What We Offer

The creation of a large network of empowered and educated Arab women willing to share their knowledge and experiences with their peers.

Services Description

1. Knowledge Sharing
  • In the Hands of Venus will be creating chapters of women from different specializations, allowing industry leaders to mentor young aspiring leaders. The format of these chapters will be a long-term commitment where each leader will mentor a group of 8-10 girls who aspire to be within the same sector.
  • The platform will also be sharing online content in the form of short videos where strong female countries in the region will share their success story and their experiences.
2. Education
  • The Hands of Venus will be creating and commissioning academic research papers which are targeted specifically at women in the GCC and MENA region, focusing on issues which are affecting women in this region and coming up with quantitative and qualitative data.
  • The organization will also offer workshops and webinars on a diverse range of topics aiming to educate women in different important topics and sectors. All speakers in these workshops will also be women from various fields and sectors.
3. Networking Events
  • The Hands of Venus will create safe spaces for women, which will be informal events, where women will feel comfortable to discuss their experiences and learn from each other.
  • The Hands of Venus will also create specialized networking events which will focus on allowing women who are from the same profession and sector to network and get to know each other.

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